Shoal - More than just a fishmonger

Shoal was founded in 2017 to deliver new standards of freshness, convenience and quality for the fish and seafood industry. We are able to offer a bespoke solution that is specific to your needs and our fish and seafood is processed and packed at source, increasing the efficiency of our supply chain and enabling us to guarantee full traceability.

In 2019, Shoal moved to Reynolds’ National Distribution Centre in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. Drawing on Reynolds’ vast logistics experience and sourcing expertise, we are able to deliver the best quality products, specifically sourced for your business, on a next day delivery platform across the country.

Our efficient and trusted supply chain makes us the perfect partner for the UK foodservice sector.

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Freshly Sourced

We put our expertise to full use, sourcing fish and seafood specifically for your business, to your unique specifications.

We single-source each species and maintain strong relationships with our supply partners, enabling us to give long term, honest pricing while guaranteeing quality and consistency.

Our farmed fish is processed at source and the label on the pack is traceable to the producer, while all of our wild fish is single-sourced and processed directly from the port where it lands, meaning we guarantee full traceability and transparency of our supply chain.

Our Unique Supply Solution

Our quality fish and seafood are prepared and packed for you at source, reducing the steps in our supply chain and increasing cost efficiencies.

We offer next-day delivery nationwide.

Reynolds’ logistics expertise enables us to consolidate deliveries and maximise the efficiency of our operation and yours.

Our unique, airtight packaging keeps the fish at its freshest until your chef needs it, ensuring you’re able to offer your customers the best quality product.


Our rigorous food control and safety procedures ensure everything is always ethically sourced from well-managed fisheries.

Our packaging use is significantly reduced by having our fish and seafood processed and packed at source, rather than being repacked in the UK.

We are fully BRC Accredited.

We hold MSC Chain Of Custody and MSC-certified products are available on request.

“We always select the freshest fish and seafood for our customers, sourced and prepared to meet their exact specifications”
Jess Foley, Shoal Warehouse Manager

“We are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a bespoke fish and seafood solution, delivering the freshness, quality and consistency they expect from the Reynolds Group”
Tony Reynolds, Reynolds Managing Director

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